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Yes! We are talking about the website Xmovies8 to download the latest HD bollywood Hollywood Telugu and Tamil movies for free. You are at the right place to enjoying the latest movies for free. Xmovies8 is also one of the best websites to download movies for free in India. Although the movie is a private copy of the original movie but still worth it for the people of India.

Xmovies8‘s new latest link or domains, namely, Xmovies8.com, Xmovies8.in information, is out now. If you want to know about its details, this article will help you out. This site is the best place if you want to download Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada, South Hindi movies, or TV shows. In this article, you will get to know about Xmovies8 max.

Xmovies8 website provides an extensive catalog of movies at zero cost. It is one of the most popular sites on the internet, where a person can easily find the download links for various genre movies. For newly released Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi dubbed movies, and south Indian movies, free download links are available. Most people like to visit this website because it was free from advertisements and also easy to explore.

What Is xmovies8?

xmovies8 is an illegal streaming website that provides TV shows and movies for free. This website is an illegal platform for piracy, where contents are stolen and illegal. It has different sections on its page. It works under different URLs and domains so that it won’t get traced. Although no criminal charge had been applied to this illegal website, it free streams downloads of movies and TV shows.

More Details about the Xmovies8 Website & App

Besides downloading movies, you can also watch Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian movies and Hindi dubbed movies, via this platform. Xmovies8 is a free website that can be explored from any internet browser. Another amazing thing is that it also has its application that runs freely on Android and iOS devices. On either of the way, you can easily find any of the newly released movies and download them or even watch online. This makes the way of entertainment much more comfortable. The best thing about this website is that it is advertisement free.

xmovies8 to download all movies for free
xmovies8 to download all old and latest movies for free

Features of Xmovies8 App & Website

Xmovies8 App and website provides all the features that film lover wants. Let’s see some of the features provided by it:

  1. You can download any web series of your choice, and watch it in offline mode.
  2. You can watch your favorite movie, web series, or TV shows, free of cost, online.
  3. The app has been providing with its latest version, where all the bugs have been fixed. Therefore it does not crash after been used for a long.
  4. The app size is too low that it can work for even a very week processor, without any runtime issue.
  5. It is user-friendly and easy to use, that is why people like it.
  6. It runs on almost every android device smoothly without any bug.

Xmovies8 New Link 2020

As it is known that Xmovies8 is famous for pirated content. It avails streams for downloading Movies, web series, and TV shows that need to be paid on other sites. The user liked it for its free and regular service. Though the content is copied, its domain had been banned for many times by the government cyber and anti-piracy cell. The domain was banned by antipiracy cells on the search engines.

 To deal with these problems, the domain name of this website is being changed frequently. They commonly use domain name are, tamilgunrockers.com, xmovies8.in, etc. the list of domain names it shared below:

  1. Xmovies8.max
  2. Xmovies8.com
  3. Xmovies8.org
  4. Xmovies8.net
  5. Xmovies8.me
  6. Xmovies8.pro
  7. Xmovies8.live
  8. Xmovies8.watch
  9. Xmovies8.info
  10. Xmovies8.fun

Movies & TV shows Categories list

Xmovies8 provides you with different category of movies and TV shows. Almost all languages like, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi dubbed movies, English movies and other languages movies are available here. Here is the list for all category.

Movies List:

  1. Hollywood movies in Hindi dubbed movies
  2. Hollywood movies with other languages
  3. 3-d movies
  4. Bollywood movies with multi-audio
  5. Bollywood movies dubbed in different languages
  6. Telugu movies in Hindi dubbed movies
  7. Tamil movies in Hindi dubbed movies
  8. Tamil Movies Telugu dubbed
  9. Kannada movies Telugu dubbed

Web Series List:

  1. Hollywood webs series dubbed in different languages
  2. Telugu web series
  3. Telugu dubbed web series
  4. All web series dubbed in the Telugu language

Xmovies8 Alternatives Websites to Download Movies 2020?

Most people want to watch movies and web series free of cost for a lifetime. Xmovies8 make their wish complete. It provides a lot of shows and movies with free streaming downloads. However, if you are looking for an alternative website to get access to the same thing, then cheer up. We have got your list for other alternative sites. Sometimes due to traffic, internet speed is not so high, in the case of Xmovies8 website. To tackle this problem, here is a list of some alternative sites.

List of Xmovies8 Alternative Websites.

Here is the list of best websites and links of Xmovies8 that will make your work easier.

  1. Tamilgun- for Tamil movies
  2. Moviezilla- for Bollywood movies
  3. MoviesHub-for all Indian movies news
  4. Extramovies- for all movies
  5. filmygod– for Malayalam movies
  6. Jiorockers- south Indian Hindi dubbed movies
  7. Movieskida
  8. Fmovies
  9. dongamovies– for Punjabi movies

What are some legal and best alternatives of Xmovies8?

All of us are aware that Streaming Download for movies by Xmovies8 is Illegal. It pirates the content of others. Therefore it is a crime. However, people like it for the free service being provided. In case if you want to watch or download these movies or websites at low cost, in a legal manner. Here we have a solution to it.

Amazon Prime, Netflix are some alternatives that provide this all services at low cost and in a legal manner. On this, you can watch different movies and series by having a membership to it. Here is the way to get the group of amazon prime

Amazon – Try 30 day’s free trail

Amazon Prime provides the best service if we talk about movies and web series. A user can easily visit its site and get a membership. This site offers a 30 days free trial in which a user has to add his/her debit card details and can enjoy the service for one month free of cost. Later he may continue the service by paying the required amount to it.

Latest and famous Bollywood movies of Xmovies8 to download free

Xmovies8 provides all the latest released Bollywood movies and all quality and inaccurate size. Movies like Dabang 3, Sahoo, Housefull 4, and all other famous movies can be downloaded in just one click.

Latest Tamil, Telugu movies leaked by Xmovies8 to download free

This website also has a good and upgraded stock of Hindi dubbed movies. Here is a small list of Hindi dubbed movies to reveal to you about its stock.

  1. Bigil
  2. Majili
  3. Kavan
  4. Dear comred
  5. Baaghi 3
  6. Vada Chennai

Content leaked by Xmovies8

As it is known that Xmovies8 is another website that provided movies streaming through piracy, it is illegal. This site keeps on changing the URL to skip being traced. However, no criminal charges have been applied yet. No recent movies or series have been provided. Still, it is operated.

Frequently Asked Question by people regarding Xmovies8.

Some people have some questions about this site. About its policies and safety issues. Of course, you must this. Here is answer to some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

How does it work?

Most People cannot afford to buy movies and web series provided by sites like amazon prime, Netflix. To help them this site provides free movies to them in an illegal way. Obliviously a lot of people get to download so it works on quite low speed.

Is Xmovies8 legal?

In many aspects, Xmovies8 is an illegal website. It provides video content of another website on free cost. The site has been banned by the government several times. However, it keeps its existence by various names.

What is the estimated net worth of Xmovies8.co

 According to a site named, coolfancyfonts.com the entire worth of Xmovies8 id $253. Daily revenue value is $0.51, and monthly revenue is $15. The annual revenue of this site is $180.

Is it safe to use Xmovies8?

Taking about privacy, Xmovies8 does not promise any privacy. Even your phone can be hacked since it is an illegal website. In most critical condition even your phone can be damaged by malware or any virus. You have to visit this site at your own risk.

My Final thoughts About Xmovies8

Xmovies8 is an illegal website that provides harmful content. It is against law and policy. If you want to watch movie, watch it in a theatre or buy using Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee 5 and more. Following illegal policy can be harmful for you.


Xmovies8 streams movies and web series through piracy. You can download or watch these movies free of cost. It provides satisfactory service. However, violating the law is a punishable offense. Xmovies8 app or site does not provide any term to safeguard your privacy. You can be even hacked. If you support a crime, you are also a part of it. Therefore you must watch a movie through legal way. You will be safe and happy.

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