Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

Let’s get into the highest 13 affiliate websites any level of blogger can enjoy .

1. ShareASale Affiliates
ShareASale has been in business 17 years now, and they’ve definitely maintained with the days . Featuring a plentiful marketplace filled with merchants catering to almost everything you’ll consider , there’s always getting to be relevant products for you to market .



Flexible payout options. Digital and standard payout options are available. With digital payment options being so rare among the favored affiliate websites, this earns major points for them!
Wide product selection. As you’re picking and selecting which merchants to figure with, you get an enormous library of products to settle on from to market .

Not as straightforward as a number of its competitors, meaning it’ll take longer to line up comparatively. Not a serious issue, but does require a touch technical know-how.
2. Solvid Affiliate
Solvid Affiliate

We offer a 20% commission on all purchases, including people who are made by the referred client within the future. this suggests that if you refer a client that spends £3,500/month with Solvid, you’ll be receiving £700/month for as long because the client stays with us. Similarly, if you refer a client that creates a one-off order of £12,000, you’ll receive a one-time commission payout of £2,400. Basically, there are not any limits to what you’ll earn.

We’re simply the very best paying affiliate program within the field!

Simply register to access your affiliate account – it’s that simple!

3. Amazon Associates
Everyone knows Amazon. the web marketplace which will deliver anything from candy to a fully-functional drone to your door during a day. Every niche has its space on Amazon, which is why it’s such an excellent start line for an Affiliate Marketing venture.

Amazon Affiliate Program


Up to 10% on any qualifying product sale that comes from your link.
All purchases the referred traffic make on Amazon, albeit it’s not the merchandise you linked to, count towards your affiliate revenue.
Massively diverse selection of products. A one-stop buy many of us , causing orders to be far larger than the one product link they click on.

The affiliate cookie only lasts 24 hours. If they are available back and buy after 24 hours, no revenue for you sadly!
Lack of payout options. you’ll only get paid by cheque, bank transfer or Amazon gift card. Hopefully, they branch into digital payment methods soon.
4. eBay Partners
Even the user-based colossal marketplace that’s eBay wants you to assist advertise and sell the things on their platform. All you would like to try to to is locate listings you would like to assist promote, promote them using Ebay’s Partner Network tools, and you get paid!

eBay Affiliates Website


There is no marketplace more diverse than eBay. It’s user-based. Someone, somewhere, is selling any legal product you’ll consider . Nothing can rival that diversity.
The most straightforward affiliate sales methods. No complex rules to follow, simply share your share-link for the listing and you earn if someone buys off it.
Double Commission for the primary 3 months. Extra revenue is usually nice.

If an auction takes over 10 days to finish , you earn nothing – albeit you’re the one that sent the winning bidder there. The downside of the auction side of things.

You earn a percentage of what eBay would earn off the sale. rather than affiliate and you, there’s affiliate, eBay and you – meaning you’re splitting the sale 3-ways. You get an outsized portion of what eBay would earn, but it’s worth being conscious of how that works.
5. Shopify Affiliate Program
Shopify is one among the leading eCommerce software employed by bloggers and online retailers. As a blogger yourself, you’re likely conversant in it. So, for those of you in niches where your audience also will be trying to sell online, Shopify may be a great affiliate partnership for you to point them to.

Shopify Affiliate Website


You earn tons per referral. You earn the primary two months of your referral’s subscription fee (200% bounty), up to $598 on standard plans. 100% bounty on the enterprise plan which pays $2,000.
It’s a platform worth referring people to. Shopify is that the leading contender in its space. only a few other eCommerce platforms compared .

It’s pretty niche. While the payout is great, your audience must be selling things online for Shopify to ever be relevant to them.
6. Clickbank
Clickbank is far like ShareASale. a various marketplace crammed with merchants that you simply pick-and-choose to market supported what your audience would have an interest in.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Website


You will find something to market . Their product database is one among the simplest to navigate out of any on this list. It makes finding something to market really easy!

No digital payment methods yet. Sadly they only offer: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfers or Payoneer as their payment options. they have more digital options.
Maximum of $150 earned per referral sale, no matter product. That feels pretty limiting. It’d be nice to ascertain a better limit, or to easily leave unlimited scaling.
7. IND99HOST is one among the fastest growing companies within the web hosting industry. You don’t need to shop around anywhere for locating a reliable web hosting partner because we’ve crafted web hosting solutions which will fill the void left by others within the market. Our journey is driven by passionate leaders and backed by extremely talented professionals. We are committed to providing the simplest web hosting solution in India and overseas.
Try us for 30 days absolutely risk-free! you’re completely protected by our no-risk guarantee program. If by any means you opt to cancel your account over subsequent 30 days, you’ll receive a moment refund, no questions asked.

8. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates
Rakuten may be a leading online store, stocking everything from high-end electronics to pet supplies. If you would like it, you’ll quite likely catch on at Rakuten. and that they want to pay you for helping to sell anything sold on their store.


A service you’ll trust. Rakuten is an award-winning store, with partnerships with brands as big because the NBA itself. you’ll confidently promote the products they stock.

You have to use to every individual brand you would like to market . It does cause you to more mindful about the products you’re getting to promote, but it takes up tons of your time .
Their knowledge domain is tough to navigate. It’s always frustrating when help material isn’t straight-forward. Luckily, they need an excellent affiliate support team you’ll contact.
9. Leadpages Partner Program
Leadpages a particularly powerful online marketing tool. Giving every individual, regardless of their level of experience the power to make landing pages that convert well. they provide a product almost unrivalled in their space. So, if you’ve got a digital audience – they’ll want this.
10. JotForm Affiliate Program

JotForm may be a leading online form builder, with over 8 million users, widely employed by many various industries and different size businesses. tons of companies are beginning to utilize online form builders because it increases their productivity considerably, if you’ve got filled out a web form thus far there’s a high chance that it had been a JotForm.


High Commission. JotForm offers an industry-leading 30% commission rate, you’ll calculate your potential earnings easily with their Commission Calculator.

Generous 60 Days attribution period (Cookie Length). JotForm Affiliate Program is predicated on a first-touch attribution and you’ll receive a commission albeit the user becomes a paid user 60 days after clicking your affiliate link.

Wide range of industries. many various industries are using online forms and this makes it easier for your audience to be the proper fit JotForm.

HIPAA Compliance. With their HIPAA compliance being in high demand and a premium feature, it’s very easy to start out earning a commission by a healthcare-related audience.


The affiliate program is valid for 1 year. you’ll only earn a commission for a year currently.

11. CJ Affiliate Publisher’s Program
CJ Affiliate may be a platform that knows what they’re talking about. They’ve been within the Affiliate Marketing industry since 1998 which expertise just shines through in every aspect of what they are doing . With products in every niche, you’d be hard-pressed to seek out fault with them.

CJ Affiliate Platform


One of the most important Affiliate Networks. When you’ve been in business as long as CJ Affiliate has, it’s hard for other programs to rival them in size.
A network you’ll believe . 19 years in business doesn’t make them infallible, but it does show they will expertly adapt. you’ll believe them to still do so.

There’s a reasonably scrutinous application process. You don’t get to succeed for nearly 20 years without high standards, so this is often to be expected.
12. Bluehost Affiliate Program
Bluehost is currently one among the highest recommended WordPress hosts available. With affordable prices, flexible packages and an excellent customer support team – there’s a convincing argument on why they’re so highly recommended. Maybe it’s time you partnered with them too.

Bluehost Affiliate Marketing Website


Straight-forward referral process. Simply check in (free and short), share your referral link and obtain purchased anyone that signs up to any of Bluehost’s packages from it.
Quality you’ll trust. Bluehost comes recommended by WordPress to host their platform, that’s a recommendation you’ll absolutely trust.

Requires your audience to wish web hosting. Being one among the highest web hosting services out there doesn’t mean much if your audience isn’t trying to find web hosting.
Minimum of $100 within 12 months of first referral for payout. Realistically, that’s not a tough feat to satisfy . But it still seems like an unnecessary deadline to be paid out on.

13. ConvertKit Affiliate Program
ConvertKit may be a leading email marketing platform. With ideology based around being customisable and uniquely fitting to each user, you’ll understand why they are available highly recommended by many top names within the email marketing industry.


If your audience uses email marketing, they’re going to love ConvertKit. It’s just a fact – if you’re therein space, ConvertKit easily reaches every need of it that you simply can conceive.
No cut-off of the affiliate revenue. As long as your affiliate’s account is active and paying – you’re getting paid. There’s absolutely no point where they’ll cut you off.

Not everyone uses email marketing. That’s just the truth a number of your audiences won’t be using it, so this isn’t an excellent affiliate for you.
Every commission takes 30 days to verify . As they need a 30-day, no questions asked, refund policy – they can’t credit you with the commission until 30 days have passed.

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