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If you’re researching ‘what is web hosting’ you’re probably trying to know the way to start building your website. Web hosting may be a must-have when it involves getting your website live. We’ve put together this text to assist you understand what web hosting is, why you would like it and the way hosting providers like us, can assist you rise up and running.

What is web hosting?
Web hosting is a web service that permits you to publish your website files onto the web . So, anyone who has access to the web has access to your website. In practice, it always refers to the service you get from an internet hosting provider like

While you’ll theoretically host an actual server for your website reception counting on an internet hosting service provider offers many benefits.

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What is web hosting?
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What sorts of web hosting are there?
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Where do domains inherit the image with website hosting?
How does web hosting work?
In summary, companies like us hire out services and technologies to host your websites on the web . Once you’ve chosen your name and signed up to a hosting plan, then your website is accessible on the web .

When you use web hosting services, your web host is liable for ensuring your server is up and running. Not only that, but it’s also a hosts job to stop any security breaches and store all of your files, assets and databases onto the server.

If you select to host your website, we provide many other services to reinforce and protect your site.

What sorts of web hosting are there?
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Most web hosts will offer differing types of hosting and every will vary in cost. It all depends on your websites needs. We’ve compiled an inventory below to assist you understand, which sort of hosting is best suited to you.

Shared Hosting
Shared hosting is when an internet hosting provider hosts variety of various websites on an equivalent server. it’s the foremost affordable sort of hosting because you share an equivalent server, so you split costs. If you’re looking to start out a blog or have a business that’s just beginning , then shared hosting may be a good option.

In the past, sharing a server could lead on to problems where a spike in traffic or resource usage from one site would hamper its “neighbouring” websites. However, lately web hosting subscriptions accompany a generous amount of resources that ensure good performance.

WordPress Hosting
WordPress Hosting simply means hosting that has been optimised for WordPress on a server level to make sure smooth sailing.

How is WordPress different from regular hosting? While details vary by provider, most WordPress hosting packages offer these common traits:

Simple one-click installation that avoids the dozen approximately manual steps in configuring a replacement WordPress site. At, WordPress installs automatically in under a moment .
Server configurations optimised for faster loading of WordPress sites. this might include performance cache optimisations and other tweaks.
Security measures to guard against common WordPress vulnerabilities. As WordPress powers over 30% of the online , it regularly comes under fire you would possibly also encounter “Managed WordPress”, which frequently refers to a pre-defined secure environment that restricts usage of unsupported or vulnerable plugins.
WordPress hosting can run on a shared, VPS or dedicated servers.

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VPS Hosting
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Like shared hosting, websites that run on VPS share a physical server with other websites. However, each VPS tenant has its own partition with guaranteed dedicated resources. There’s often more memory, storage and processing power available – with a tag to match.

VPS hosting is suggested for highly experienced users with server management skills. VPS customers have root access to their partition and may configure their server software, for instance Ubuntu, CentOS or Windows Server. This provides a high level of customization to run web apps built for those systems.

You might encounter “Business Hosting” or “Premium Hosting”, which are generic terms that some hosting providers accompany VPS Hosting managed by their in-house experts. However, levels of support, subscription details and costs vary significantly, so confirm you research these services thoroughly before signing up.

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated hosting means you’ve got the whole server to yourself. It gives you access sort of a VPS, but you don’t need to share the server with other sites or apps. Effectively, you’re leasing a physical web server housed at your service provider’s facility. you furthermore may have professional support and expertise available when needed.

This top-end web hosting is merely warranted for highly demanding enterprise-grade websites. Small and medium-sized businesses don’t got to spend thousands monthly to rent a fanatical web server for his or her business.

Cloud Hosting
These days, cloud hosting has become a touch of a nebulous term. So, we might strongly recommend looking closely at what you’re getting if you’re signing up for “Cloud Hosting”.

In the beginning, “cloud hosting” mentioned a VPS setup scalable to multiple servers; this manner , if your web application had a sudden traffic spike, the system would be ready to provision more resources and keep things running smoothly. Cloud hosting would have a more variable pricing model and fluid specs as a result.

However, because the popularity of cloud computing has surged, some companies have began to co-op the term for his or her regular shared or VPS hosting. Other providers like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure offer cloud computing services, which usually include cloud hosting in an array of other advanced tools for cloud-based operations. While possible, hosting a typical website with one among these “hyperscalers” operating many servers can present a high technical hurdle

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Free vs Paid web hosting
By choosing free hosting, you’ll encounter problems like unwanted advertising on your page and their name in your URL. once you buy web hosting, you’re fully control of what content is on your website.

There are numerous reason for why you ought to choose paid web hosting over free web hosting:

Bandwidth & disc space – Free web hosts will provides a lower bandwidth and limited disc space to their users. Paid web hosting offers unlimited bandwidth and disc space .
Content limitations – Unlike paid web hosting, with free hosting the amount of images and videos you’ll upload, is restricted .
Security breaches – Paid web hosting usually comes with much higher security. By employing a free web hosting provider, you’ve got a better risk of a security breach. this suggests your customer’s mastercard information and other data are often stolen.
Domain name & URL – Free hosting providers will offer you a website name, with their name in your URL. once you use paid hosting providers, you’ll get a custom URL and may choose your name .
Server speed – Free web hosting servers often overload, which suggests you’ll need to wait through a couple of hours of scheduled downtime. Paid hosting providers offer high-speed drives, with guaranteed uptime.
Where do domains inherit the image with website hosting?
Let’s consider your website as a house built from individual files. the online hosting is that the land the house (website) is on, and therefore the domain is its address. When someone types within the name into their browser or clicks an internet link, the domain is that the means through which the browser locates the proper server and downloads the web site files.

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